Square One: What Do You Want from Your Time?

…Let go off this notion that life is solely about paying the bills, having responsibilities & essentially going through the motions… approaching every action and decision from this point of view limits your personal growth & overall life experience to a minimum.

This is a mindset that is keeping people locked in one spot, functioning, but not living. Once you start seeing life as an adventure, everything changes. You will believe in yourself and in your skills and you will put them to use for something meaningful & fun.*

My theme this month has been life balance. This quote is a beautiful reminder.

How often do people tell me that they barely have time to handle regular work and household and family responsibilities – never mind the “higher values” of life, the things they would do on their adventure, as Anne-Sophie says it.


I’ve seen a shift over the past few years in my client base. More and more people are focusing on how they’re using their time.  Are they getting done what they want around their house,  to make it a home they’re proud of? What are they getting out of their time? How much is about their priorities versus others’ ideas of what their priorities should be? Is it all they want out of life?

More people seem to feel they have their “things” under control, except when a big life change occurs sometimes. And now they’re more focused on their time.

There are so many techniques and tricks and strategies to organize your life and to get things done.

But the first question is: what do you want from your time?


**Quoted from a guest blog by Anne – Sophie Reinhardt over at The Change Blog, a personal favorite.

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2 Responses to “Square One: What Do You Want from Your Time?”

  1. Moreen Torpy says:

    time–that’s something everyone I know struggles with, including me. Those numbers about only this many minutes, seconds etc in a day make it sould like time will never pass, like when we were children.

    as I grow older, there’s never enough time. Don’t think I’m alone here.

    Now it’s about how to use that limited time most effectively in my business, home and still leave enough of it to work at the balance. It’s not an easy schedule. Work-a-holism is not so far away.

  2. Sue West says:

    Well said – and familiar. I love your point about our ‘sense’ of time from child to adult.

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