Gratitude, Learning, and Blessings

As we head into this week of giving thanks here in the States,  I’m noticing a growing appreciation by many people for what we have. We express our thanks and appreciation  in different ways, and  that’s what this post is about. I’d love to hear your ideas, here, on my Facebook page, LinkedIn or Twitter. Answer this post directly or simply start your own way of asking people to pause, reflect and appreciate. 

In my household, thanks to our friends, the Booths, we have a new tradition. Around the Thanksgiving dinner table, each person says, out loud, what they are thankful  for. Most surprising answer last year ? My twin nephews, eight year olds, who thanked all the people in the services for their efforts.

A Thanksgiving event on Facebook asks us to post what we are thankful for. I imagine this will catch on quickly, which is wonderful. Pause and reflect – the best way to really notice and decide  on what is most important.

At a recent class I co-teach about moving onto your next chapter, one participant shared that she writes down what she learns each day. Pause, reflect, and notice.

My colleague, Melissa Mannon, writes about her family tradition which is a tree of thanks.”

Melissa writes: “I started a tradition four years ago of drawing a tree and posting thankful leaves on it throughout the month of November. My intention is to instill a sense of gratitude in my daughter and to promote a family tradition that she will remember for the rest of her life. The tree also allows us to look back at changes and growth in our lives.”

Some people write in Gratitude journals at the end of the day.  A favorite author, Sarah Ban Breathnach, whom I discovered as I went through lots of life changes at once, writes about them here.


How about a Hershey’s Kiss for your blessings? If you’re creative, try making this blessings board.

And, of  course, there IS an app for that (iPad, iPhone gratitude journal!). Read about one here.

How would you like to say thanks, count  your blessings, or keep track of what you’re grateful for?

To get started, it doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. Start  simple. Find a time of day that makes sense to your schedule and a quiet time when  you can focus. People who acknowledge what’s good and happy in their lives are happier and healthy. Start small but do give it a try.

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